• Dic Charge
    Dic Charge

    Instructor - General Studies (Biology)

  • Dave Kennedy
    Dave Kennedy

    Instructor - Business Administration (Accounting)

  • Dave Heins
    Dave Heins

    Instructor - Apprentice Welding

  • David Orr
    David Orr

    Instructor - Business Administration (Business)

  • Brad Wolcott
    Brad Wolcott

    Term Certain - General Studies

  • Calvin Whitehead
    Calvin Whitehead

    Chair & Instructor - Electrical Apprentice

  • Ron Williams
    Ron Williams

    Instructor - Business Administration (Business)

  • Glenn Secretan
    Glenn Secretan

    PT Instructor - General Studies (Liberal Arts)

  • Rika Snip
    Rika Snip

    Instructor - General Studies (College/University Prep)

  • Joanne Keilty
    Joanne Keilty

    Instructor - Early Childhood Education

  • Keith Dudley
    Keith Dudley

    Instructor - General Studies (Social Sciences)

  • Lorraine Leishman
    Lorraine Leishman

    Instructor - Educational Assistant

  • Scott Lehbauer
    Scott Lehbauer

    Chair & Instructor - General Studies (College & University Prep)

  • Shaylene Wall
    Shaylene Wall

    PT Instructor - General Studies (Social Sciences)

  • Stacia Nelson
    Stacia Nelson

    Instructor - Exercise Sciences

  • Stephen Neis
    Stephen Neis

    Instructor - Carpentry Apprentice (Carpentry)

  • Vicki Hegedus
    Vicki Hegedus

    Chair & Instructor - Fashion Design

  • Carolyn Clark
    Carolyn Clark

    Instructor - Admin Office Professional (Admin Office Professional)

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